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HandyDubai Handyman Services

HandyDubai HandymanServices was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who have excelled in Dubai’s home improvement business for the past 5 years. Previously were involved in only major renovation projects like large-scale plumbing and electric works and not in any handyman or small-scale maintenance services like HandyDubai does today.

However, due to increased demand and a scarcity of quality service providers in Dubai, we have broadened our focus to include the daily home maintenance sector. As a result, HandyDubai Handyman will be available to assist all Dubai residents beginning December 1, 2022. Every service provided by HandyDubai is under the apparent supervision and warranty of Noor Al Rawaa Technical Services, the parent company of HandyDubai.

about us

Our Expereince

Professional technicians

We employ expert Handymen experienced in multi-tasking with excellent customer service skills. All our staff is background checked, licensed, and insured for your safety.


Our promoters have over five years of experience providing large-scale installation and maintenance work for commercial and residential buildings.


Our goal as a company is always to act professionally. Clients should only allow specialists into their homes to handle their projects. Customers trust us; therefore, we should keep honesty and professionalism in every aspect of our life and service.

Our Values


We aim to serve Dubai residents with high-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed handyman and Home Maintenance Services. And to become the single point contact for entire property maintenance in Dubai.


The mission and vision of HandyDubai are to improve each customer’s life by offering exceptional services, superb craftsmanship, and a pleasant working atmosphere.


Two of our company’s core values are professionalism and honesty. Several factors make honesty essential in our line of work. Valuing and practicing honesty is the correct thing to do throughout life. Second, and sadly, too many handymen and general contractors who are dishonest in their jobs have tarnished our industry. Therefore, we aim to demonstrate to the clients that reliable employees are still available to meet their needs.